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Stroke Awareness Month 2021

Stroke Awareness Month 2021

| May 07, 2021

In our efforts to promote National Stroke Awareness Month, we would like you to meet Jennifer Barrios, an Associate of the Danielson Financial Group.

Jennifer is a stroke survivor at the age of 31. Knowing the F.A.S.T signs could have made a lifetime difference for her. Check out her story and the resources available to you to help save yourself and your family from a stroke. #relentlesstogether


  • Face: drooping
  • Arm: raise arm
  • Speech: impaired
  • Time! Call 911! Time is essential


National Stroke Awareness Month began in May 1989. It was created to promote public awareness and reduce the incidence of stroke in the United States. While many things have changed in the last 32 years for the better around stroke care, no one at the time of its creation could foresee what we have gone through in the last year alone. Your American Heart Association Quality Team are starting Stroke Awareness Month a little early this year. There are so many things we want to share with you - as well as hear your stories, your praise for your teams, your amazing patient experiences - whatever you want to tell the world about stroke. Share your stories and images using the hashtag #RelentlessTogether on your favorite social media channel. We'd love to be included, so use @American_Heart to make sure we won't miss what you are sharing. Thank you for all your hard work, whether this is your first time observing Stroke Awareness Month, or your thirty-second time. Keep fighting the good fight and let's make sure the next year is better for all patients who have suffered a stroke.

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