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Whether you are preparing for retirement, leaving a marriage, selling a business, sending kids to college, or coping with widowhood – you have choices to make about how your money will get you where you want to go.

We help women like you make smart decisions about your money. We help keep you moving through difficult transitions, everyday life, and towards your goals and dreams.

More than a third of women earn more than their spouse or partner, and slightly less than a third earn the same amount. Nearly half enter a relationship with greater assets than their spouse or partner. The increasing number of single women in America also contributes to women’s growing share of wealth. Women now are more likely to be single than they were a generation ago, whether due to being widowed, deciding not to marry, to marry later, or divorce. Whether single by choice or by circumstance, women are accruing greater wealth and playing a greater role in their financial decision making.

As women continue to earn more and make more financial decisions, Danielson Financial Group provides a versatile platform that caters to female clients and their unique financial situations. We can help reduce women’s wariness of the financial industry by educating them about the industry and being transparent throughout the entire investment process.

Ultimately, women who work with financial professionals feel more confident that they will not outlive their savings in retirement and are able to maintain their standards of living better than do those who do not work with advisors.

We know women’s financial services needs and preferences differ markedly based on marital status, employment status, care-giving demands, planned versus unplanned transitions and net worth. Not only are women’s situations and concerns different from men’s, but they’re also frequently different from each other’s.

59% of women age 20 to 34 defer investing and financial planning to spouses. Millennial women cite other responsibilities as being more urgent than investing and financial planning.A study found that women are overwhelmingly involved in day-to-day money matters, with 80% paying bills and 85% regularly managing expenses. Yet all around the world, that engagement doesn't extend to longer-term finances.*

As a business owner and an award winning financial advisor, Deborah Danielson, CFP®, MSFS can help you regain your financial footing towards your desired financial future.

Female Breadwinners

Only a quarter of women in the study said they currently worked with a financial professional, down from 30% in the 2016 study.

Women could educate themselves more on financial topics and products, not be afraid to broach the supposedly taboo topic of money and look for a financial professional who understands the financial challenges women today face.

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