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Deborah’s knowledge and awareness of the Financial Markets and their continually changing landscape make her a natural choice when the news media is looking for a well-informed interview, quote or editorial article, both nationally and locally. 

Las Vegas Wealth Advisor Treats Clients As Individuals With Unique Needs

June 30, 2019

A recently divorced woman was worried about the future, because her husband had always handled their finances. Not knowing what to do next, she turned to the Danielson Financial Group (DFG) in Las Vegas, NV, for guidance.

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Deborah Danielson, CFP®, MSFS, has a thick passport and an open mind when it comes to investing.

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Money Management: Adding it up in 2008
January 1, 2008
Simple measures can lead to welcome savings in the new year.

Want A Bottle Of Wine With Your Investments?

February 28, 2017

Divorced? Widowed? Lost a child? Deborah Danielson, 61, a certified financial planner in Las Vegas and one of Forbes' 2017 Top Women Advisors, has been through all of these challenges..

July 26, 2016

Comprehensive. Holistic. Tactical.
Spend a few minutes with Deborah L. Danielson, CFP®, MSFS and you'll feel like you've known her forever.